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Brian J Smith,

Right now, if you had enough money, or influence or charisma, you could set up imaging nodes all around Earth and in its orbits, around the Moon and Mars and have baselines that are precisely known and large enough for solar system sized baselines, eventually.

And with global and heliospheric precise time, you can use much smaller wavelength, or much larger ones.

What you are missing, is that the sources (stars and many processed that will be better and better modeled) are going to provide source constraints that greatly improve what can be seen. That was the case with the ring down on black hole and neutron star mergers, and many nova and events.  So it is NOT just a few ambiguous plane wave photons.

There are 8 billion humans now, most with two lenses.  But they can be work together globally (and heliospherically) and see well beyond the limits you are placing on yourselves.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

“Schrödinger cat states of a 16-microgram mechanical oscillator,” Yiwen Chu, ETH Zürich at

Yiwen Chu,

You might want to look at the high harmonic states used in atomic force cantilevers, and the high harmonic generation for XUV, soft and hard x-rays.

When Joe Weber gave me a tour of his gravitational wave detector long ago, he said he intended that it would be used for ultrahigh bandwidth communication, using high harmonic modes of his cylinders, with many simultaneous points of excitation and sensing.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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