About The Internet Foundation and Richard Collins

This InternetFoundation.Net site is for my personal notes.  I use it to draft new ideas and sometimes to share with others.  There are more private notes and drafts than “published”. 

I took over TheInternetFoundation.Org (net and com) from Network Solutions in July 1998 after the original Internet Foundation was cancelled. 

Consulting and advising organizations of all sizes. Not for profit. When you get down to it, all these papers on the Internet and published, were originally just letters between friends and people of similar interest.  Current projects: Best practices for all Internet sites, and for global communities using the Internet. Improving model and data flows, establishing end-to-end lossless and open channels. Particularly for global scale issues such as “covid”, “global climate change”, “online education”, “solar system colonization”, “research”, “development”, and “learning”.

Education and Interests: Mathematical statistics, statistical mechanics, gravitational physics, gravitational sensors, sensor networks, modeling and simulation of all things, encouraging development of a gravitational engineering industry, calibrating new gravitational sensors.

I have

Some videos on YouTube

Notes about Low Cost Gravitational Detectors on Hackaday.IO

A Twitter account where I am mostly listening

Some notes on GitHub, A personal page on Facebook

I have some other domains

GravityNotes.org – gravitational imaging networks, earthquake early warning

IntelligentAlgorithms.org – a place for algorithms that are intelligently designed

SystemicIssues.org – mostly notes on covid, but I have drafts for many things

TheGatheringPlace.com – a global gathering place