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Fall of Civilizations should be Changes of Civilizations – video comment

8. The Sumerians – Fall of the First Cities I would call it “Changes in Civilizations” and give a global context. Heard and saw many things I will try to remember. I especially appreciate the narrative on global climate change and sea level rise as a historical force. It made me wonder if the
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Comment on Virtual Family Trees for Ancestry and the Internet

Even though it might seem extra work, I might log into another account, but rather than make me the manager, I leave them as owner and manager, and invite myself as a DNA collaborator, and invite myself to their tree as Editor. Life is long and the people you help should have some measure of
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Comment on how to copy trees and find Birth Parents using Ancestry DNA

I have used Family Tree Maker which syncs to Ancestry. You download the trees to FTM and merge them, and then upload to a new tree. The merging is tedious but better than “save to tree” bit by bit. It is the ONLY method I found that preserves the records as records so that all
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