Author: Richard K Collins

Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

Older people and many people now, their lives depend on the Internet, that changes priorities or ought to

Subject: Comment to Katherine Schaeffer on U.S. centenarian population is projected to quadruple over the next 30 years Katherine, I was just writing to Comcast Xfinity about their policies and training for staff regarding people over 65. While 18% in the general population are over 65. Only people over 18 can make contracts. So 18%/78%
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A large fan base is good, but conscientious curation, indexing, and open sharing is better

Zhigang Suo @zhigangsuo When I was a graduate student, Kyung-Suk Kim introduced me to the Feynman’s Lectures on Physics.  Feynman’s joy in talking physics plainly, without embellishment and intimidation, has made a lasting impression on me. Zhigang Suo, I was reading Feynman’s Quantum Electrodynamics this morning. He often refers to things he said in his
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Global Coral Bleaching – so what? Is all life in the oceans going to die? Is there a tipping point?

See Richards conversation with CoPilot below for some issues and alternatives. NOAASatellites: NOAA Confirms Fourth Global Coral Bleaching Event at 0:38 If “corals are stressed by changes in conditions such as temperature, light or nutrient, they expel this algae” is the remaining coral dead? Not able to recover? The algae is not the coral
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An Exa of atoms, an Exa of humans, an Exa of bots, an Exa of intelligent modules

AreAvada: In 2563 Almost All People Become Cyborgs, Fighting Each Other For Bionic Limbs at Already we can synthesize organic and poly atomic processors, more integrated and useful than swarms of identical nanobots. If everyone can add any ability, and most things are free to all humans and AIs, many of the reasons for
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Noise experiments, Global collaborations and sharing, lower the cost of deep education for all

Deepak Marwal: galvanometer mirror & johanson noise in electric devices | Examples of brownian motion | thermal phy at At 0:10 it is “sedimentation” and “gradient with height” and at 0:16 it is “Johnson noise in electric devices”.  Even if you have no equipment, you can simulate it and get help from your friends to
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Mathematics can be codified and compiled exactly into global open resources for all humans and their AIs

The current “AIs” are using lossy, “learn it from bad examples on the web” methods. No verification, no records, no permanent copy of steps to refine and share. Just because there are some good worked out mathematical examples on the free Internet that some AIs are able to plagiarize, does not mean a generative index
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