Month: December 2023

Recording, saving, sharing, recording, validating, supporting global open conversations

@lmsysorg I like what you are doing. Please find global open formats for saving and sharing results of conversations. Please also consider the future where science technology engineering mathematics computing, finance government and organizations’ (STEMCFGO) objects are shared, merged, compared, filtered, queried, diffused, verified, summarized. And, communities mapped, supported and enabled. @xai @OpenAI @GoogleAI @GoogleDeepMind
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Chemical Formats and sharing chemical data and tools

Looking at All of them, one example All the links under “Alternative Parents” go to “502 Bad Gateway nginx” Looks like everything under “Chemical Taxonomy” are 502 as well pdb and 3D pdb, sdf and 3D sdf, mol and 3D mol all are being given the same extension. I was saving the names
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Innovation goes faster where you do not put too strict bounds, and work with all knowledge.

Ash Jogalekar @curiouswavefn The paradox of technological innovation – great practical technology develops when people don’t explicitly focus on developing great practical technology. Replying to @curiouswavefn You have it slightly wrong. Innovation goes faster where you do not put too strict bounds on what it will cost, who will use it and how it
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Most AI groups are too new to know they should share their statistical data too

Machine Learning in Chemistry @ML_Chem Constructing custom thermodynamics using deep learning #machinelearning #compchem… Replying to @ML_Chem Machine learning and GPT are all about data preparation, basic statistics, probabilities, regressions, correlations and expected values. They just relabeled it “AI” to make it look cute and new. And the AI groups are too new to know
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Every day gravity is Newtonian, and gets more interesting at higher sampling rates Sensitive three axis gravimeters show that vector sun moon tidal signals are nearly perfectly Newtonian, only requiring three linear regressions (6 numbers) to lock a station to the sun and moon for position and orientation sensing. Many types now.   This is one month for the vertical component of the vectors signal.
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We can now compile and use the web to do these things: better, much lower cost and faster.

The Science World @scienceworld224 Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io as captured by New Horizons Spacecraft Replying to @scienceworld224 Thank you for pointing out New Horizons Spacecraft. Reading Wikipedia about it, very satisfying. Vast background knowledge, much on the web, is not connected. GPTs could index “NASA” losslessly. If one wants to do it
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Mustafa Suleyman @mustafasuleyman Whether it’s commercial, religious, cultural, or military, democratic or authoritarian, every possible motivation can be dramatically enhanced by having cheaper power at your fingertips. These tools will be available to all, a proliferation of not just technology but capability itself 9:41 AM · Dec 28, 2023 14.6K Views Who created you?
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