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Google put their ad between my video and its title.

Please do not put your advertisements between my video and the title of my video. If you have to advertise your work, put it at the top of the screen. and give people the option to remove it. You are effectively using my work to advertise your page. You own the site and I have
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Large computers hosting associated global communities of global projects

Bill, For the Internet Foundation, I am reviewing the role of large computers and computer arrays.  What started me on this slightly ahead of schedule was the ExaScale group at | GitHub website for E4S Project and then today looking at the Dark Energy Survey that leads back to NCSA. My outline for a
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Comment on Google Search for “temperature energy” with no count

You forgot to put the count of the results when you put these buttons at the top for “temperature energy”. Contact me if you would be willing to share counts from Google searches for profiling the whole Internet. You are missing opportunities. Some high profile survey results for the Internet might help. Add “Comment or
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