Month: March 2023

Frasier Cain Revolutionary 100-Kilometer Space Telescope [NIAC 2023]

@elonmusk Please read my comment on this video. You can help groups be “early settlers”. Venus has a lot of potential if only because it is stable and complex. A few million human equivalent years of thought and it might be easier than we think. Frasier Cain Revolutionary 100-Kilometer Space Telescope [NIAC 2023]
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Could one 3D print an LNG tanker?

Relativity Space @relativityspace Could you 3D print an LNG tanker? Rolling and forming solid metal into rounded shapes takes a LOT of equipment and people. Trying to see what happens to the grain boundaries. I think it could be lighter and cheaper, micro-welded if not melted from wires.

Now make it into an online toolkit with associated data

Zhigang Suo @zhigangsuo 23h The new book by ⁦@LallitAnand⁩, Ken Kamrin, ⁦@SGovindjee⁩ arrived today. The authors state that the book is for a course for undergraduate juniors and seniors. Topics include Elasticity Plasticity & creep Fracture & fatigue Viscoelasticity Rubber elasticity Replying to @zhigangsuo @LallitAnand and @SGovindjee Now make it into an online toolkit
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Hitachi Construction Machinery – Moon from earth and Mars from Mars Orbit is cheaper

Hitachi Construction Machinery @hitachicm_en Mar 10 [Ultra-large hydraulic excavator with #remotecontrol] The operation support systems can support safe and efficient work even from a remote operation. We are developing a function that assists excavation work and automates a part of the loading work on dump trucks. Replying to @hitachicm_en Adjusting for a 1.3 light
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GWOSC and Auxiliary Data – Combining LIGO style detectors with all earth-based sensor networks

Correlating LIGO style strain and auxiliary data with all data from earth-based sensor networks I followed many of the pathways from this email looking for downloadable data on the Internet accessible from the browser. All I found was your groups favorite software ways to access things you are interested in. And nowhere did I find
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Ambient Acoustic Noise equal to Maximum Solar Power Intensity

The reference sound pressure is 20 microPascal, often referred to as “limit of human hearing” in one of those super quiet rooms. Find Common sound pressures on Wikipedia “Sound pressure”. You might convert pressure to power Pascal = Newtons/meter^2 = Newton*Meters/Meter^3 = Joules/Meter^3 = (Watts/Meter^2)/(Meters/second). Pressure = Force/Area = Force*Distance/Area*Distance = Energy/Volume = (Power/Area)/(Velocity) Power/Area
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Comment on Video about “Real Capacitors” – When you give people memories of real things, they learn faster

Real Capacitors at Sabrina Koffler, You could easily have shown the behavior of a few “real” capacitors as a function of frequency. And added a variable resistance and inductance to show the effects of changing those. Design, testing, measurement is all about numbers, data collection. More and more that also means models, algorithms, comparison between
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All part of speech groups working together – tokenize the whole Internet, so AIs can work with real languages

Paul Rayson, The reason the OpenAI Bing ChatGPT fails is because it uses a bad tokenizer. If the part of speech community would work together, they could standardized the part of speech tokens and code the entire Internet. So it would not have to be scanned and parsed every time.  A pre-tokenized, pre-coded, internet would
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