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Self reproducing robot societies that live in the desert and convert sunlight to cities

I have had deserts on my mind a lot over the last few decades.  All during the 1980’s I worked on populations forecasts and issues in Africa, then the Famine Early Warning Systems (, then global climate change.  I sort of keep up with any efforts to turn those vast areas into something more suitable
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Comment on “Ion Engine 2.0” – many people interested, and posting things, but not working together globally

Ion Engine 2.0 at (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 574,000 entry points (Google, 9 Oct 2021) (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 310 entry points (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 141,000 entry points And they are not all working together globally. Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Comment on “Floating under a levitating liquid” and related issues

Floating under a levitating liquid at and (for pay, just for reference) This is not science and sharing, but what I have come to call “eye candy”. Pretty pictures and people playing with phenomena, but not showing the context and background. You start with showing the whole of the apparatus, explain the parts,
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Comment on Making Petrified Lightning – application to solar system colonization, global needs and new industries

TheBackyardScientist,  Making Petrified Lightning …with electricity? at 3D printing metal. You can use metal or glass powders, control the current, and randomly choose next points – probably run on Arduino. You have all the skills and stuff mostly. Maybe someone already suggested. You might invent a way for YouTube viewers to work together, combine
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Comment on Jordan Sullivan, Neutrinos and Antimatter Video

Neutrinos and antimatter at Jordan, You can combine a particle and its anti-particle into a stable form, if you provide angular momentum. The external charge and magnetic dipole moments are effectively zero, and the particle is effectively all binding energy which has no mass. The pair can store most any amount of energy, but
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Groups sharing models and data on the Internet, not paper – the case of “neutrino” OR “neutrinos”

Maury, Please post your Long Baseline Neutrino Newsletters on the Internet, and only send links and short announcements by email.  Make a member site and let people control their email notices. I think I wrote about this before, but is this newsletter available online somewhere.  My email only has a fixed part of the screen
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Real world global communities on the Internet – Comment

Real-World Global Networks at Victoria, For the past 23 years I have been studying global communities.  I took over TheInternetFoundation (net org com) from Network Solutions in July 1998 after the original Internet Foundation was cancelled for US political reasons. It is not “networks”, though global communities use hardware and software. Rather it is people
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Comment on The Civic Went on an Diet

The Civic Went A Diet with a serious weight reduction I think you can take off the back doors and replace them with lightweight panels. This made me think, I wonder what would happen if you could buy a “barebones car”, like “barebones computer”? No interior, no heater or AC, then add components as
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Fall of Civilizations should be Changes of Civilizations – video comment

8. The Sumerians – Fall of the First Cities I would call it “Changes in Civilizations” and give a global context. Heard and saw many things I will try to remember. I especially appreciate the narrative on global climate change and sea level rise as a historical force. It made me wonder if the
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Comment on plasma cutting video by Jason Michael Saunders, referring to 3D printed rockets

Comment on YouTube Jason, I watched this Genius of 3D Printed Rockets video the other day. They are using plasma discharge heating, but it is not very well controlled at all. They say “it works really precisely”, but it throws off heat and light and bits of wire, and fluctuates a lot. It only needs
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