Month: February 2023

Comment on Distributed Sensing with fiber optics

ROSES 2021 Unit04: Distributed Acoustic Sensing with Dr. Eileen Martin at You might want to edit this to remove the first few minutes where nothing is said. And put links in the description to Eileen’s work and group(s). This would be so much easier if you would just share your mathematics in symbolic mathematical form
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The vacuum is teeming with real magnetic pairs; some are ‘invisible’ particle:antiparticles with no charge and no moment

Twitter comment on Physical Review Letters @PhysRevLett  Feb 13  Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment to 0.13 parts per trillion (replacing a limit from 14 years ago).  Letter:  Viewpoint:  Replying to @PhysRevLett  —  One of my favorite experiments. Thanks. I particularly like “according to quantum physics, the vacuum is teeming with virtual particles”. Except I
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