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Comment on Video about oracle bones

“oracle bone” OR “oracle bones” has 335,000 entry points (Google, 13 Aug 2022) “divination” has 18.6 Million entry points “prognostication” has 4.54 Million entry points “fortune teller” OR “fortune telling” has 17.4 Million entry points “prediction” OR “predicting” OR “predictions” has 832 Million entry points “forecast” OR “forecasts” OR “forecasting” OR “forecaster” OR “forecasters” has
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Comment on Integrated Water Strategies, Thinking Outside The Pipe

Integrated Water Strategies: Thinking Outside The Pipe at These seem to be very expensive methods. Do you have a cost breakdown? Homes, schools, businesses, small farms, abandoned land, landfills, poor counties, poor cities, poor countries. Nothing wrong, except the world and climate change is very large. Teaching only methods – without also teaching how
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Comment on Electromagnet for attracting copper

Electromagnet for Attracting Copper, Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals like GOLD! Yes, vary the frequency and measure the force response. A spectrum is easier to use and understand. There should be specific resonances for each kind and shape of material. Electric and magnetic polarization studies of materials have been tried since earliest days, but have
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