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Strong Nuclear force using magnetic dipole force and energy

The Action Lab: What Does The Strong Nuclear Force Look Like? at The simplest easy model for the strong force that I found is to simply calculate the magnetic dipole force between the particles. Electrons protons neutrons each have permanent magnetic dipole moments in units of Joules/Tesla. To get the force in Newtons multiply the
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The vacuum is teeming with real magnetic pairs; some are ‘invisible’ particle:antiparticles with no charge and no moment

Twitter comment on Physical Review Letters @PhysRevLett  Feb 13  Measurement of the Electron Magnetic Moment to 0.13 parts per trillion (replacing a limit from 14 years ago).  Letter:  Viewpoint:  Replying to @PhysRevLett  —  One of my favorite experiments. Thanks. I particularly like “according to quantum physics, the vacuum is teeming with virtual particles”. Except I
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