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Notes on Individual, Family, National, International and Global Collaborations – “Global Communities”

Draft – contact me if you have questions.  I am writing a separate proposal, rather a model for all global communities. Dr Hossain, I am reading many of the articles you have collaborated on related to spinal cord injury in Bangladesh, training, and impact on families.  I see you trying to use phones and the
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Finding good things to do on the Internet – classic problems with ALL Internet efforts now

Thorsten. I noticed you were following me, so I looked to see what you are doing.  Your activities on the Internet are scattered and use too many styles.  Do you have something you want to do?  I read some of your papers, projects and websites. They are kind of all over the place.  Have you looked deep to see
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Spinal Cord Injury in Bangladesh – Connecting all people in the world related to “spinal cord injury”

“spinal cord injury” has 18 Million entry points (15 Oct 2021, Google) Can you make a short video? Put it on YouTube and add Patreon? That would reach the largest audience globally, and it is fairly stable. You can make videos about the issue in Bangladesh and globally, about the impact on the family. Tell
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