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Why is the peak of the nuclear binding energy curve at Iron? Particle-antiparticle pairs, Brian’s Story

23 Jan 2022 – It it not a coincidence that naturally occurring magnetic materials are the ones at the peak of the nuclear binding energy curve.  If you want to do “nuclear chemistry”, doing the full Schrodinger model of isotopes and predicting their dynamic reactions in detail (for things like fusion and fission) is a
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Self reproducing robot societies that live in the desert and convert sunlight to cities

I have had deserts on my mind a lot over the last few decades.  All during the 1980’s I worked on populations forecasts and issues in Africa, then the Famine Early Warning Systems (, then global climate change.  I sort of keep up with any efforts to turn those vast areas into something more suitable
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Comment on Cat and Plasma Ball, Rotating Plasma Ball, Plasma Ball and Fluorscent tubes and bulbs, iPhone

Cat and Plasma Balls at The cat investigated all parts of the globe, power (it can smell the hands of the person on the plug most likely), and behavior (optical, response to touch and nearness, acoustic because its ears and nose can pick up more than our fat fingers) methodically. Its nose is rather
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