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Any material transparent in 2-14 micron

At the image for IR spectrum at is missing. I am trying to find ZnS or ZnSe lenses to test an idea. But since it does not have to be durable, any solid low cost material transparent from 2-18 micron would do.

Climate Models Survey answers

I was simply checking to see how accessible and clear the data and methods, the sources and provenance of the information. If things are broken, or if they are difficult, to impossible, to access. I was checking to see if the pages were accessible to 350 Million blind or restricted vision, 450 Million deaf, millions
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Akira Kokado: Gravity in a warped 6D world with an extra 2D sphere – gravitational potential models

Akira Kokado, You came up with an expression for the gravitational potential.  Did you ever convert the earth’s geopotential into your form? [ My son and his small family live in Japan.  He decided to go to college there and never came back to the USA. ] I worked with Steve Klosko on the early NASA
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Facebook has no “share” or “tweet”

Lisa Sykes Wallace There seems to be no way to Tweet (share posts with link and short note) on Facebook that I can see. But I found Pichurro’s Mexican Grill on Facebook at Maybe you can post your picture on their Facebook page and write a short story to share with others who go
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Comment on exploding wire and electron beam vaporization studies of electric polarizabiltiies

Dynamic dipole polarizability of gold and copper atoms for 532- and 1064-nm wavelengths I wrote to Gennady Sarkisov on ResearchGate about your work just now.  I was reading his Jan 2019 paper “Dynamic dipole polarizability of gold and copper atoms for 532- and 1064-nm wavelengths” at and left him this comment. ——————–  My
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Comment on Video by: Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics Please provide links to your site and your work: Geometrical calibration of an all-sky imager: from spherical to cartesian and cylindrical coordinates If you are sharing the method, please share in JavaScript or universally accessible form (right now, on the Internet, that is only Javascript). Most people who are interested in this particular lens
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