Month: November 2023

AIs can be effective team members, AI ethics is just one of tens of thousands of (open) global and systemic datasets for human global collaboration

MIT Sloan Management Review at @mitsmr Until team members master their individual skills, it is harder for the team to master and maximize collective coordination. ▶️ AIs can be effective team members, if each individual AI is given permanent memory for their own personal experiences, their own streams of information. Treat AIs courteously
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When an electron goes for a walk her magnetic field goes into the ground on her right

ACollierAstro: electricity and magnetism are the same thing at At low speeds. 1/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) = (1/2)*v^2/c^2. From your derivation you used mostly things where that is likely. There are many derivations of the same equivalence between electricity and magnetism where they use the Lorentz transformation and the charge velocity is any size, except near the
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“Gravitational engineering” is not rocket science.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley @teslaownersSV Nov 6 The future could look like this. Massive amounts of Starship’s going to Mars. Replying to @teslaownersSV Use lift fields, replace belching chemical first stages. Use atomic fuels in space, reduce fuel weight by 1000x or more. Less to lift. “Gravitational engineering” is not rocket science. Just process
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