Most species in the Universe might be fabricated, not natural, and live for Millions of years

Watching “Are We Alone?” at, I thought (Most species in the Universe might be fabricated, not natural, and live for Millions of years)  If fabricated lifeforms are the dominant species, even from organic precursor species – once formed they can spread for billions of years. Have unique memories and existence for millions/ billions of years. Even now the human species could build and send exploration parties of machines with learning capabilities and continuous learning and improvement to distant stars. Even if it takes billions of years, the template would not degrade.

Humans create SkyNet, SkyNet creates Terminators, Terminators destroy or ignore or work with their organic pre-cursor species. Intelligence in fabricated bodies can go into space taking DNA and recordings of machine and organic lives to other stars. I wrote a book about that more than a decade ago. It “works”.

At 0.1 speed of light, it would would only take a million years to traverse the 100,000 light years of the Milky Way Galaxy. The average distance between stars in MWG is 5 light years, so machine based intelligence could take leisurely 0.01 “speed of light” trips and get to the next stars in 500 years. In billions of years, continuously learning as billion or trillion node learning organisms with even more sensors and memory – working out the compressible vacuum equations (non-linear Schrodinger) is something we are doing now, and we have not even begun working as a single global human organism, let alone human with machine accelerations and abilities with tens of billions of each. You know what you can do in a few decades, what could you not do in a few millennia with continuously self-improving and learning fabricated partners and extensions?

“Wearable” takes on new meaning when it is a TeraExabyte picoVolt, sub electron processor available to every entity or project. Even now, we humans could assign 100 Million humans to “space flight” as one of their tasks or topics and pay them a living wage for that kind of effort. I can talk about machine intelligence economics for civilizations.

One organic species like ours could plant many fabricated species – DNA and other ways of implementing “intelligence” and permanent abilities – and send out “intelligence” to every star in MWG in a few billion years. If we get over (all humans working together and sharing knowledge with all – NOT letting a few hoard, manipulate and parasitically destroy for their own selfish chemical or electronic feelings).

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Shahina, I just posted a note about my second book today on Twitter(X).  If it gains interest, then people might go back and read Book 1 from the Dana series.  Your story in Bengali, as text, video and audio, can be a guide to Bangla speakers.

FIs not AIs. Fabricated Intelligence, not “artificial” Intelligence. 8.1 Billion humans working as one global living entity can do most anything it cares to imagine. Robots, or boxes, or vehicles, or houses, or wearables, or cell phones, or cities, or countries, or worlds, or implants, or DNA based, or quantum, or distributed, or enhanced humans, or picoElectronVolt TeraExaByte processors. My Universe is infinitely larger than some dinky “big bang”. In my Universe there are no boundaries.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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