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Sabrina Koffler,

You could easily have shown the behavior of a few “real” capacitors as a function of frequency. And added a variable resistance and inductance to show the effects of changing those. Design, testing, measurement is all about numbers, data collection. More and more that also means models, algorithms, comparison between model and measurements. Get people used to seeing real behaviors, real values, and do not treat “noise” or “error signals” as things to diminish or hide away. Rather get people used to measuring everything. In many systems, the “noise” signals are the most important, since understanding them gives clear pathways to optimization.

“We are going to show you a range of real capacitors very quickly. We set this up to display the response of these over a range from milliHertz to 10 GHz. We will quickly look at the whole range, then zoom in on milliHertz to KiloHertz, KiloHertz to MegaHertz, MegaHertz to GigaHertz. To give you a mental picture of what to expect when you want to use these in real circuits and applications.”

When you give people real context, and memories of real things, they learn faster and are better able to create new things.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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