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I commented on your “Urgent appeal” posting.

You have edited and curated many things. How would you approach the wide variety and purposes of postings on the Internet related to “Afghanistan”?

 Any topic that has millions or billions of entry points on the Internet?

That is what I am facing with the Internet Foundation.


(“Afghanistan” OR “Afghan” OR “阿富汗” OR “Афганистан” OR “アフガニスタン” OR “아프가니스탄” OR “أفغانستان” OR “אפגניסטן” OR “Əfqanıstan” OR “ауғанстан”) has 1.03 Billion entry pages just now.

Think of those Billion pages as documents with authors.

How would you curate, edit and index that content?


Why is a UN agency running on donations? Using 100 people in a country of 39 million? With people already on the ground?

(“Afghanistan” OR “Afghan”) (“donate” OR “donations”) has 102 Million entry points on the Internet just now.

Is the UN operating as “every department for themselves”?

As far as I know, there is no oversight on money donated to any UN agency. And a “good” crisis brings lots of people to donate.

You know organization and people. Think about it a little. Where is the accountability? What are real needs? What is actually being done? I hate organizations who spend all donations on themselves. But there is no way to check a large organization, or its parts. I see no map of the needs, no long term plans, massive peppering of the Internet with words, and very little practical information or planning.

(“Afghanistan” OR “Afghan” OR “阿富汗” OR “Афганистан” OR “アフガニスタン” OR “아프가니스탄” OR “أفغانستان” OR “אפגניסטן” OR “Əfqanıstan” OR “ауғанстан”) has 1.03 Billion entry pages just now. And I don’t have all the variations listed. But those groups are not working globally with a single model and plan. Not by caveat or vested interest, but by curation of what actually is known, and indexing of all the people, groups, things, places, events, actions, and needs.

Think of those Billion pages as documents to be curated and edited and fit into a concise and living index to all that related to that country and its people.

Look at all the things on the Internet related to Afghanistan. Ask about the motives and the self-benefits to the groups. A group that depends on its income for a crisis is going to love a crisis. Check (“covid” OR “corona virus” OR “coronavirus”) with its 5.5 Billion entry points.  Massive blizzard on the Internet, almost no rules or accountability.

What do you think?

Richard K Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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