Dumb cable design on Rasberry Pi

I broke the plastic connectors on my Raspberry Pi 4. and could barely get the Pi5 connector to work. It is just too small to see and handle.

I want to design or find a better cable for all pi can mipi cameras. Those ribbon cables were intended for use inside cell phones and laptops and tables where space is a premium, price the idea was it would never (seldom) be moved.

Really I think this is one thing preventing the use of MIPI camera with Windows computers and in many applications. I am fairly certain that any exactly the same length conductors can work. And am also fairly certain there are interface chip algorithms to correct for timing variations.

Now I cannot find the specification for the female mipi camera socket for the male ribbons. There re 15 pin and 22 pin. And the blankety blank Raspberry pi they changed it and do not send new cables with the computer and NONE of the old mipi cables work.

Anyway. Can you tell me how wide it the opening in the femaie mipi cameras sockets? That fragile and difficult plastic thing exerts pressure, but a much more positive “plug it in” cable not a ribbon seems better.

I am trying to set policies for all devices sold and used on the Internet. Right now particularly cameras, sensors of all kinds, many kinds of printers and controls. I do not like the “internet of things” because these are mostly not “things” but tools.

Thank you,
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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