Teach your country how to use computers and the Internet to share models and simulations that all can use and trace

H C Verma Course:  HC Verma-Magnetic field a consequence of relativity in hindi at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMHbdyJDL1I

New: This is a good result, but it needs to be in the computer as an engineering model. Not long algebra on a blackboard.


H C Verma, You are perpetuating a population of humans in a country that relies only on memory. Those paper and blackboard methods are not easily portable. You are putting equations and memorization in hundreds of millions of heads. Your example is ONE example with finite and permanent form and logic. Put the equations, measurements, animations and tools on the Internet and share them with 8 Billion humans in the world. And do not force them all to memorize. Do not force them to “do it by hand”. Do not force them to “work it out from first principles on paper or blackboard.” Is your country a country of memorizers? Or do you want to create new industries, new ideas, new processes, systems and solutions? Then use the computer. Get the mathematics into symbolic form and change the Internet so it uses shareable equations, models and simulations that everyone can see.

If you had a decent animation, a simulation is a quantitative animation, true to life. Then you do not need so many words. You do not need to wave hands. You do not need to draw sketches. And the equations will be implicit in the motions and behaviors of the simulation. If you go back to the derivation of special relativity, you do not have to use all these algebraic steps. If you do use many steps, he computer can step through those and you will know they are always right. You make the “mathematics compiler” so it is verifiable, reliable and powerful for everyone, without being intrusive and too proud of itself.

I have seen this derivation a few times now. It must be something many people memorized and put on the blackboard again and again. If you get paid to copy memories on the board, I guess that is an easy job. But it teaches whole generations that is is OK to not use the right tools, it is OK to not share. It is OK not to combine efforts, rather than burdening everyone else. If your country is going to be a significant player in “solar system colonization” you need to give ALL your country’s humans tools that can combine where 100s of millions can work together. That WILL NOT happen if you keep them all using chalk and memorization. Git them tools, teach them how to make tools and methods that can be replicated and shared.

I filed this under “Teach your country how to use computers and the Internet to share models and simulations that all can use and trace”

I would not write to you if you did not have potential to help many people. Maybe billions of people. Maybe the whole human and related species.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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