Now make it into an online toolkit with associated data

Zhigang Suo @zhigangsuo 23h The new book by ⁦@LallitAnand⁩, Ken Kamrin, ⁦@SGovindjee⁩ arrived today. The authors state that the book is for a course for undergraduate juniors and seniors. Topics include

Plasticity & creep
Fracture & fatigue
Rubber elasticity
Replying to @zhigangsuo @LallitAnand and @SGovindjee

Now make it into an online toolkit with associated data, and share it with 5 Billion people using the Internet. Maybe only 1 in 100,000 now stumbles onto the topic, but most cannot afford books, so numbers dwindle quickly. About 2 billion kids now – first time learners 4 to 24.

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