Comment on Video about paramagnetic resonance algorithms

Dr. Mark Tseytlin | Rapid Scan EPR Imaging Methods and Applications

This would be much more useful if you posted links to your papers, particularly

General Solution for Rapid Scan EPR Deconvolution Problem

I generally do not recommend Matlab for Internet users. It is too slow and expensive to recommend to billions of Internet users. Javascript is fine. Lots of people using arduino/C methods these days. Low cost, accessible methods suit 7.9 Billion people in the world, better than methods that take years to adapt and learn, and are not affordable to most groups in the world – who need it more than groups who can afford the current solutions.

The In vivo Multifunctional Magnetic Resonance Center at West Virginia University is at
but there are no links or abstracts for the publications. I give it a low rating for clarity, but it it better than nothing.

You really ought to go over the equipment and methods. Designing magnetic circuits and detectors, gathering the data so that you can actually apply various algorithms – is not a universal skill, yet. And general methods should have more universal examples. Biomedical applications are fine, but the industry is growing faster in other directions.

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