Cream Cheese, Jalapenos and the future of the human species

Cream Cheese, Jalapenos and the future of the human species

I am trying to reduce my use of butter, so rather than making toast with butter I used cream cheese today. Since I am curious about the health value of foods as a topic on the Internet, I decided to add diced jalapenos. Then, because that is a bit sour, I drizzled a little honey. Darkly toasted whole wheat bread gives a healthy body to the toast and a rich taste against the cream cheese smoothness. Takes only as long as it take to toast one slice of bread, and a few seconds to add the cream cheese, use the knife to spread out some jalapeno bits, and drizzle the honey.

Getting older, food you make alone can get boring and repetitive. In worst cases it can ruin your health.

“health” “jalapenos” gives 1.37 Million entry points.
“health” “cream cheese” gives 19.4 Million entry points.

That can be the more common use of cream cheese in human diets, more advertising (something you have to deal with on the Internet), or more recipes with cream cheese. I don’t look too deeply into motivations of communities on the Internet, until I have at least studied, quantified and tried to understand them.

The missing piece in health benefits of anything is clear and complete documentation of the circumstances, methods used, people involved, dates, places, a host of details. Almost none of which anyone shares.

I can show you a list of about 20,000 topics I have looked at where people try to share information about something. They all face exactly the same problem – identifying the things and methods, every person hoarding what they know.

I am a bit tired today, so my mind wants to go over those things. But right now, I am enjoying the warmth and richness and heat of a simple piece of toast.

I will say. I went through my memory of all the toasters I have ever seen and every instances of the ones I have used. And my impression, not making a huge project of it, is that the world habit of over eating could have many parts where “it is easier to toast a full slice of bread, then half”. Or “there are two slots, am i not supposed to use both of them?”

I try to look at the whole of human use of the Internet (knowledge in digital or analog form) and like these simple things that help to focus. It is a type of trained meditation – “look at something on the Internet and try to figure who that is, what they are doing, what resources and time it uses, its value for the survival of individuals and human society.

As always, I am humbled and learn still more patience when I see the almost every “good” idea I have, the world is so large and creative, there are always tens of thousands who have studied things before. Often for decades, in great depth. But ( I checked more than 15,000 such things in detail ) the people are NEVER working together and sharing globally.

“toast” “cream cheese” “jalapenos” has 1.76 Million entry points

“jalapenos” OR “jalapeno” has 40.2 Million. Peppers are in every culture and language, every country, city and group. And their health benefits, quality, place in culture and life are not tracked well at all. Same as Covid, affecting billions, and no way to share fairly, openly, completely.

Did I also say why these kinds of groups are never working together as a whole – greed, monopoly, a long list of the usual “every group for itself”.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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