Comment on Downwind Faster Than the Wind by Veritasium, How Does it Work?

Downwind Faster Than the Wind by Veritasium: How Does it Work?

A good quantitative simulation does not need words, and the process of design is more efficient, not maintaining an inaccurate word model alongside the simulation. The words will always be ambiguous, but the model can be calibrated and fit to measurements from the real system. So more calibration and modeling and less talking head and words, please. Also, allow for gearing, in addition to variable angle of attack. A good model will span the entire range of all parameters, and allow for optimization along any combination of dimensions.

An open model allows for many collaborators – all working in one model and clear variations. Passing knowledge by word of mouth is always lossy and inefficient. Sharing models, measurements, records, model assumptions, calibration data – this is the way to deep understanding and efficient tools.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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