Climate Models Survey answers

I was simply checking to see how accessible and clear the data and methods, the sources and provenance of the information. If things are broken, or if they are difficult, to impossible, to access. I was checking to see if the pages were accessible to 350 Million blind or restricted vision, 450 Million deaf, millions paralyzed. To 2000 Million young people starting out and many in school, to the 800 Million people over 65 now, to people of all ages interested in this kind of data, these kinds of models and ideas. I have encouraged the integration of all sensor networks using the Internet for sharing. Global open resources, global open formats, global open sharing of algorithms. Support for all human languages. I was checking some particular items of interest to me – fluctuations.

The pages rely too much on English text, the community and issues are not openly shown

You want feedback on your interests, to use answers to support things you want to do. But (“climate change” OR “global climate”) has 1.36 Billion English entry points. Your work in Europe could be perfect, but you are FAILING to enable 8.1 Billion humans to live in a world where your models can matter. No access to the internet, to tools, to living guides, to resources.

It did not let me specify my interests. They only wanted to justify the pre-existing choices of a few insiders.

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