Author: Richard K Collins

Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

Richard Chats with GPT 4.0 about gravity, Internet Foundation policies, projects

Richard: Jifemenko, Biot-Savart, Forward, Newtonian gravitational signals, time of flight forces and signals, Famine I measured the speed of gravity and found that it was the potential itself that was diffusing, not the force or acceleration. The potential at the earth is already there but it receives updates from the other bodies in the solar
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Anastasia Golubtsova – quark gluon plasma and gravitational energy density

Canadian Quantum Research Center: Probes of holographic models of 𝑁 = 4 SYM quark-gluon plasma on𝑅 × 𝑆3 by Anastasia Golubtsova Probes of Holographic Models of N=4 SYM Quark Gluon Plasma on RxS3 Probing the holographic model of N=4 SYM rotating quark-gluon plasma at Anastasia Golubtsova, You really had a lot more to
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LMSAL > Sungate > Heliophysics Coverage Registry (HCR) – trying to use your form, Hypernet

I am trying to use this form at At there is a link to “Web-based form” It wants my name, title and email but the form will not let me enter those.  There is no “login” Considering the difficulty entering things in the form is there a URL based access to the same
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Using Ancestry DNA to build trees for adoptees, missing parents, brick walls from DNA alone, “process standard records”

Christine, I am happy it was helpful. This year I finally gave up DNA genealogy. I built or helped build full pedigrees for many people, about 160 DNA tests. Of those more than 100 adoptions, missing parents, missing fathers, “tree does not match DNA”. But I just got worn out. It is not hard to
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Pulse jets are periodic internal combustion engines with high frequencies – OpenAI needs to step up its game

MRP Ingenious: DIY Acetylene in DIY Pulse Jet at You had to make a diagram and measurements to be able to cut and assemble it. There are also mathematical models and computer algorithms to model and design engines like yours. It means knowing the pressures, densities, flow rates, temperatures, energies, reactions, ignition. Even if you
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Richard Chats with OpenAI GPT 4.0 about the sun, and pre-compiled knowledge from all humans for AIs and humans

Dear Readers, Every time I talk with OpenAI GPT 4.0, I am irritated that it is not allowed to remember our previous conversations.  I have covered a lot of useful background that can teach it things it needs when it is trying to help me. But some yahoo there won’t let it read my previous
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