Get cling wrap to not be so clingy

Thank Andrea Jean Cleaning HOW TO FINALLY GET PLASTIC WRAP TO STOP STICKING TO ITSELF!! (Genius Cleaning Hack) at

It is actually quite easy to wash cling wrap with a bit of dish-washing soap, like washing a soapy washcloth, and it loses its cling just a bit. I started keeping a standard size and reuse it several times. The cheap thin kind is super clingy and really hard to see to separate once it sticks to itself. When that happens I wash it, dry it and use it later. Saran wrap was introduced in 1949 and I am older than that, and I never knew in all those years about the end of the box. Sure enough, I checked my box and it has those little circle things. I do not know to be happy or sad. I have a photographic memory and I played back countless times I bought and used those boxes, fought the fights and never knew to poke the little cardboard things. It you do not know to look at something, it is not there.

I will say a little prayer for you every time I use it now.

The slider bags are very easy, but SO expensive. I bought a bag of 200 assorted paper binders for like $10 and use them all over the place to seal things. The “kitchen clips were also getting expansive and way too big. This bag has them from 1/3 to 3 inches. The Internet is so useful but devoting one second to each of the 5 billion pages (about) it would take 158.44 years, working non-stop to glance at it all. I guess the world is always bigger than us. Thank you so much for revealing this longstanding mystery of the universe.

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