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Elif, Stephen,

In my life, when I have tasks, I take responsibility for them. If I am the boss, or a manager or some other role – if something comes up, and no one else it taking care of an issues, I just do it.  But corporations now, they teach or allow every employee to “just ignore it”.

There are people in Wolfram, including your founders, who are supposed to deal with ADA compliance of your website and products. You, as an employee, should not ask me, a site user to help you solve the problem. It is NOT my job to explain to you that you have a problem.

Ask your founders. Dig. Find the people who are responsible for the colors used in your site and products. If you receive a hint, do something about it.

It is not possible, efficiently, to gain an understanding of mathematics by a few examples.

(“ “mathematics”) has 122,000 entry places where “mathematics” is used. Your site, as a whole, ( shows 580,000 entry points. “Go look at a few pages” is NOT going to show Internet users “What is Mathematics?” On the Internet (“maths” OR “mathematics” OR “mathematical” OR “mathematicians”) has 1.87 Billion entry points. And no few static pages of examples are going to help 5 Billion Internet users understand that body of human knowledge.

( “数学” OR “математика” OR “الرياضيات” OR “अंक शास्त्र” OR “অংক” OR “数学”) has 472 Million entry points. If you find all the “mathematics” words, in all the human languages and aliases on the Internet, it makes a horrible mess.  Mathematics is supposed to help organize and make communication MORE efficient, not contribute to confusion and infinite search times. Look at all those schools, 2 Billion children now from 4-24 learning for the first time. Tens of thousands of “higher education” and they all “do their own thing” and “ignore their responsibilities”.

Go wake up Stephen Wolfram and tell him to stop playing and get to work running his corporation. And give something back to the human species, at least the ones who can get to the Internet at all.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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