The Efficient Engineer: Bolted Joints, accessible parts and components, heliospheric economics

The Efficient Engineer: The Incredible Strength of Bolted Joints at

The Efficient Engineer, If parts, components, systems, and supplies are not universally (globally) accessible and widely used, that imposes a high cost. You show Mars.  There, heavy bolts and Amazon overnight are likely not going to be available right away. The annual Earth budget is about $100 Trillion. And the value of all structures and things a thousand time larger. But with the high cost of shipping and transportation to Mars, the heliospheric GDP is likely to be also 1000 times larger. Elon Musk estimated 10 times larger still. I am inclined to agree. The heliospheric economy in the next century, with better software and open sharing and outlawing wars, is likely to be as much larger and more elaborate than the 1900s were than the 1800s. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation.

Richard K Collins

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