Twitter: Global Collaborative Worksite for 200 Million Teachers and Mentors and Guides, Tools not text

@SchraderKing 85 Million teachers, or 200 Million is a small number for a global collaborative worksite. With AIs to remember and assist and interact, not so many humans are needed to share all knowledge and tools with billions of lifetime Internet users.

@ThinkImpact_ At “Well reasearched information from trusted sources.”

“Low levels of literacy costs the US up to 2.2 trillion per year.”????
With the Internet and global collaborative methods, it is possible to go well beyond text reading and writing.

@arstechnica Beth Mole, It takes substantial time, effort, mistakes and comparisons for billions of Internet users to convert a text list of symptoms (with no links or depth or assistance) into choices, decisions and actions for 8 billion humans.


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