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Physical Review C @PhysRevC PRC Letter: Perturbative QCD and the neutron star equation of state

R. Somasundaram, I. Tews, and J. Margueron #NeutronStars

The impact of pQCD calculations on NS EoS that have been constrained by astrophysical observations
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Your chart shows colors not on the legend. When you share please be complete. 1 Mev/fm^3 is 1.60218E32 Joules/m^3. Most of the universe has to deal with energy densities on the part of the diagram you did not fill in. A tiny bit of effort and you can include everything.

Physical Review Applied @PhysRevApplied¬† Join us for the latest Journal Club on Tuesday, May 30th at 9:00 AM EDT as Perelshtein et al. discuss their PRApplied paper “Broadband Continuous-Variable Entanglement Generation Using a Kerr-Free Josephson Metamaterial”

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Your device should be a good detector for “Newtonian noise” – Earth based gravitational noise, and remote sources at high frequencies. With those sampling rates you can apply “speed of light and gravity” “time of flight” correlation imaging to image and characterize sources.

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