AllistairC123 on arc cutting and welding thick metal parts – Switch to AI robotic assist for more efficient cuts and processes

AllistairC123: 1000 tons Vs 100 mm 4 inch steel plate .. mega metal welding repair at


I made note of your many comments about the loud sounds, the heat, the time it takes. I will see if I can find you some AI robotic assist. The part you, the human, bring to this is your eyes and hands. Use machine vision assistance, and robotic positioning, and close in measurement of currents, voltages, acoustic and electromagnetic fields, temperatures. The assistant tools can have much better senses, millions of times faster response times.

The cost is not in the sensors themselves, except when you buy ones from old firms who are 10 years out of date. Or in the cost of positioning systems, except when you buy from old firms who are 30 years out of date. It is the cost of the software, and those are about 50 years our of date, no matter they keep repeating the current buzz words.

I am certain that you are using way too much power (Watts), and much wider and larger cuts than you need. And because of that it is taking you many hours and days to cut things. You are not monitoring the power you use, except by your eyeballs, memory and hearing. The AI assist can follow sensor feeds and perform actions billions of times faster than you and be that much more efficient.

Thanks for sharing what you are doing. Your opinions and experience and impressions of what is a pain, and what needs to be changed are useful. No one can give you better tools or methods, unless you can give clear descriptions and data on where you need more efficiencies.

If there are many of the things you fix in this video, perhaps people ought to go check the ones that are working, and fix them before they break. Lost production might cost way more than monitoring and “before it is a crisis” repair.

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