Earthquake early warning for mitigation and energy harvesting, atomic scale computing

Signal Decomposition and Feature Extraction Techniques: Application to Seismic Mitigation of Vibration-sensitive Eq

Shieh-Kung Huang,

This is very informative. I will only suggest a few things.

Vibration isolation is now needed for buildings, as an integral part of energy harvesting, to allow orders of magnitude improvement in seismometers and gravimeters, and for gravitational wave detection.
I will have to look more closely at the needs of wafer processes.
In terms of earthquake early warning, the best are two strategies. First to instrument active regions known to produces earthquakes and then in real time provide global awareness and real time tracking of the seismic waves and their detailed shapes. If you know what is coming and its precise wave shape, then better control strategies are possible. That also applies to tidal energy harvesting, wind and other energy harvesting.
The other part is gravitational and electromagnetic tracking of earthquakes. It is possible (using vibration isolated sensors in arrays) to track, image and follow the seismic waves from emerging earthquake events. The seismic waves modify the geopotential and magnetic potential and electric potential (it is just harder to work with), the potential change diffuse at the speed of light and gravity, the local potential changes, and the gradients of the local potential are measurable.
But that requires time of flight (at the speed of light and gravity) sampling rates, so Gsps and higher. These sampling rates at bits per reading are more and more readily available now for a lot of reasons and in many industries and new technologies.
It might not be obvious, but lidar and radar both now allow real time monitoring of atmospheric events, including infrasound and flows. So “early warning” for control systems in wind harvesters takes on new meaning when you can look upstream. The same is true of clear air turbulence monitoring ahead of airplanes, especially supersonic and hypersonic vehicles.
ALL of these methods will require stages of vibration isolation to get many orders of magnitude less noisy baselines for measurement. I expect that will have a direct impact on atomic scale computing devices, quantum devices, mixed electron photon computing devices and sensors of all sorts.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Shieh-Kung Huang One other thing. Your method seems to be almost identical to machine learning. The advantage of following machine learning methods is they make use of hardware acceleration for speed in following real time changes needed for picosecond resolution control systems and energy harvesting methods.

Shieh-Kung Huang I wish I could clone myself. Today I am working on making generative AI “open” and “verifiable”. It is currently based on training sets that are not linked or accessible. It cannot log the steps in the creation of its responses, cannot give links to its sources, uses arbitrary tokens rather than links to real concepts in the real world and the development is driven by corporations bent on enriching investors. Not for the good of all humans in all countries and situations.
I was recommending that groups like the people in “seismology” or “feature extraction” could register their basic concepts and methods globally so that each term only need occur once in the world, and all things related would be automatically connected by verifiable AI assisted servers and resources.
“seismology” has 8.77 Million entry points
“feature extraction” has 35.4 Million entry points
“GPT” (“verified” OR “verifiable” OR “correctness” OR “trustworthy” OR “verification”) has 13.6 Million entry points
(“seismic” OR “seismology”) (“migration”) (“signal” OR “signals”) has 2.86 Million entry points
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Bidirectional linking would greatly simplify bringing the global network into useable form. For the same reasons that we use “double entry bookkeeping” in secure financial transaction logging for banks and financial record keeping. It is not enough to link to something, it is also necessary to be linked so things are connected globally. When a global concept tag for “George Washington” (human) is used, every entry point would be registered and traceable. Markets and communities would be clear in real time for all things. No guessing. It would require many new humans and AIs to devote themselves to verification and calibration and testing.

I am aware of most all the efforts at coding and mapping the Internet and all human knowledge. Much of my time in the 25 years of the Internet Foundation has been spent on that topic. It is why I am recommending certain pathways. Leaving room for creativity and innovation.

Richard K Collins

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