You might like a short paper I just posted on ResearchGate. It is an April Fools paper

When I chat with GPT 4, these are the kinds of things I always wanted to discuss with real humans. I have learned its limitations and by careful adjustment to the way I write, I can get it go generate words in the directions I want to go.

I realized most people cannot absorb very long sequences and models. And GPT is very limited in that respect.

If I can find a way to read the Chats and save them in a shareable format, that might be a good thing for many people.

Maybe you know how.

My chat got held up because they have a limit now on GPT 4. I do not know the answer yet, but my hunch is that the gravitational potential field is that superconducting sea of graviton pairs much smaller than electrons. And the electron positron pairs are solitons (one of many) that can be generated from the vacuum.

I used the gravitational acceleration at the surface of the earth, and the gravitational potential of the earth — which is much smaller than the sun’s potential, less than the Milky Way potential, less the the universal potential of our local big bang universe which has a value equal to c^2.


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