Twitter simulation of fluids stirred by pointed paddles

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Simulation videos illustrate how changing different parameters of the system alters how well two fluids mix together when stirred. (For the stirrers, tadpole and teeth shapes are best). Read the story by @astrogasparini.
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Effectively Mixing Two Fluids at

If only the simulations were live online, with a global community to work out all details. To make all the parts “real” and lots of groups to insert calibration data. But every group still wants to be the boss, or get the glory, or make the fortune, or win the prize. Oh, well.

It would make a cheap air conditioner, or heat pump. Use acoustics or lasers for the boundary conditions of the stirrers. I think it is just a simple generalized Fourier problem, if you only need statistics. Or multispectral cameras and fast pointing of the stirrers. Oh, well.

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