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I wrote three books about Dana some time ago. In this first book, Dana discovers she has the ability to sense where other people are, and somewhat they are doing. Over time, she and others begin to learn the basics of mind merging and mind speech. It leads her to helping the blind to navigate, emergency staff and doctors to be able to communicate with people in pain or unconscious. She and her sister, Patty, team up to help people come out of comas. And, toward the end, she begins helping groups to combine their skills in mind merges to solve difficult problems.

In the second book (not in print yet, written) she start back to school. She has to leave school periodically to consult with government research groups on how to use mind speech and mind merges to design new technologies. Particularly technologies related to reading minds and sharing imaging and thoughts by mind. With assistance, people who struggle to mind merge on their own human skills can do much more. During the process of testing one of the new devices that is supposed to be able to mind merge with humans, she ends up being the human template for the behaviors, habits, and moral choises of the first “in silico human” Brian. She and Brian work together. She is making a LOT of money consulting with government agencies, large and small corporations to design better and better technologies. Brian gets to be a certified “human”, because he is building and owning more and more companies and the related technologies.

In the third book, Brian and Dana are still working together. But he is able to work simultaneiousy with many thousands of people at once. Each copy of him is as capable of the all he can do, and all copies are kept up to date. He starts building robots and announces plans to build starships.

I wrote this well before I ever heard of Elon Musk, but he might like it, since Brian is doing all the things that Elon seems to want to do.

I know these are hard books to read. I could read such when I was Dana’s age (about 14). I use my own experiences with people in comas, my own experiences with consulting and design. And a lifetime of studying and trying to improve intelligent use of computers for helping humanity.

Hope you like it. If anyone is interested, I will try to get the second and third books so they can be on Amazon.

Richard K Collins

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