Could magnetic structures account for galactic rotation curves?

I’m interested in this research – could you provide the full-text for it?
– Richard Collins

I found this on Arxiv. ResearchGate is saying “request full text” because they or you have to provide a pointer to the arxiv file. Or you have to manually download it.

I am interested in your ideas about magnetic driven structures. And, if it suits you, do you think a tiny bit of magnetic structure would be enough to account for the galactic rotation curves? Electric fields I can understand. It takes about half a billion free electrons per kilogram for the Coulomb force to equal the gravitational force. But my impression of magnetic forces is they are primarily tension. I see papers that say “the magnetic energy exceeds the gravitational energy” and such.

Don’t let me interrupt what you were doing. Thanks, maybe if you ask, ResearchGate will automatically provide links to arxiv and not put those “request full text” links.

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