Comment on Electret Mic: How it Works and How to Connect it to a Computer

Your microphone link says that particular model is “discontinued”. I use Amazon for convenience and there are several electret microphone items worth seeing at

They have the electret microphone elements, but there are also some “electret microphone amplifier” breakout boards that are inexpensive and might work. I ordered some, but have not tried them. It ultimately gets down to “Can I get data from these that is useful?” A recording is “data”. But nowadays, “data” means measurements, models, monitoring and control systems. Things are possible with measurements for the predictability and very deliberate design of new things.

Your circuit drawings were useful, and clear. I hope you refine and improve that skill. I did look at many of the SPICE modeling tools on the Internet. Many that actually work get priced out of reach of beginners, mostly on the time it takes to learn and make them work. But the idea of having calibrated models of devices is correct. It just does not really benefit society until it is available to “everyone”. Now, I can say that “everyone” means literally every living humans and future ones. Today (1 Mar 2022) there are about 7.88 Billion people, and about 4.8 Billion of them have some access to the Internet.

In principle, every person could learn from YouTube. But YT hasn’t quite understood their social responsibilities and opportunities for teaching future generations. Or they would help groups work together on learning and building and solving hard problems.

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