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I was updating my notes on “great green wall”, “desertification”, “reforestation” and came across
It says it is a project of the Nature Conservancy, but no links back to that context, who is involved.  Your icons at the bottom (should be at the top) for Nature Conservancy, American Forests are just pictures, they should have links to the people and efforts that support and encourage Reforestation Hub.
After many clicks and reading, I found links to and but you can keep them on every page in the same location.  Don’t change styles of navigation on every page.
Don’t use pale letters.  Make all links clear and easy to find.

I live in Texas and the data for the state shows about 4 Million acres of opportunity, and 3.99 Million are private. So the real opportunity is essentially zero.  I see floodplains and pasture, and urban open space listed as opportunities.  Is the pasture used for stock?  Are the floodplains accessible and stable places for trees?  I think these tables and bar charts hide as much as, or more than, they convey.  There are no easy to see notes on what real plans or projects might work.

Now Arizona has “other”, Federal, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management.  So different agencies own most of the land there.  I see no indication of ANY reforestation projects or interested groups. I really doubt the agencies actually work together. And no way to see who is working, if anyone, from your “Hub”.

These pages use faded colors, they should be high contrast. I ran a Google Chrome Lighthouse analysis on your pages, and as I suspected, you get poor rating on contrast, links, and accessibility.  And you have an error in vue.runtime.esm.js.
Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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