Comment on old style MIT lab presentations. They are SO slow

Optics: Fringe contrast – path difference | MIT Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics

This is like those old serials – always ends with a cliff hanger. How irritating. Some good stuff, glad to see it. But wish he would not be so Socratic, and more measurement and data oriented. But this is a long time ago in technology years.

‚Äč @Maria Angel Judy Most of the interferometer methods I follow now are either at the nano level, embedded in computers, used for various types of 3D imaging and measurement. The atom and electron interferometers are shrinking in size and going up in frame rate. I watched this old optics lab just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. It did remind me about the resonant cavity used in the gas lasers. I was talking to someone last night about plasma and molten salt lasers. You can get an idea of how big it is on the Internet by checking

“interferometers” OR “interferometer” OR “interferometry” which has 29.3 Million entry points on Google (6 Oct 2021). But I don’t try to read them all any more. And I don’t even try to get the computer to do that now. There is just too much duplication, incomplete stuff and unlabeled and untraceable stuff on the Internet.

Not sure if I responded to your question. Just taking a short break between studies. I am working on “DNA” “genealogy” and “addiction” “centers” today. And a bit of “neutrino” “dark matter”.

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