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FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) – Relaxing Music & Amazing Beautiful Nature Scenery For Stress Relief

You might be able to use captions to label the locations and camera directions as the scenes change, I don’t know these places and would like to learn the names and latitude and longitude. The caption is optional, so those who don’t want to see them, can turn it off. And it is not inserted into the video but on top. I am recommending that all videos on the Internet be labeled. “Unlabeled” and “undocumented” and “untraceable” dominate the Internet now. A little thought and some links and references can help with science, technology, tourism and many things. I call undocumented pretty things, “eye candy”. Nothing wrong with pure experience, but I can watch, enjoy and think on many levels while watching. I set the frame rate to 0.25 and the resolution at maximum. Then I keep a x10 magnification on a second screen to look at things. You can have apps that magnify, that improve resolution by registering frames and stacking. There are tools to change intensity for too dark or too bright scenes. There are tools to add notes, and pointers. There are tools to integrate conversations and knowledge of the viewers as they share what they know about places, music, and ideas.

This is recorded, but there are many thousands of live streams now. Some are real time live from one camera, some live from one camera pan tilt and zoom, some live from a sequence of cameras feeding into one stream. They all give useful knowledge, experience, enjoyment. A waterfall is pretty. A waterfall labeled with latitude and longitude and name can be found on the Internet, and visited virtually and for real.

Thank you, I had no idea there was so much beauty still. Thank you for sharing.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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