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Here are some notes on broken links and bad practices.  I put notes on my search for climate models.  I do these rough searches to get started on a complete review of a topic group on the Internet.  Picking a hard enough problem at global scale is the only way to stay organized and keep all the issues and alternatives in mind.
At is says, “Please report any missing content”. and the “Report Issue” goes to which is not user friendly.  Just put a form.  From the sparce content at, it does not look used. Generally Github is NOT reliable issue handling system, too diffuse and too many single points of failure.
Your “About” pulldown has Overview, Staff, Location.  There should be a consistent “contact us” on every one of your pages.  I can suggest efficient ways to do that. shows 2,660 entry points on Google just now.
EVERY page should have a full title, not” but “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (LLNL PCMDI)”
I am looking for the source code of the models.  I know your group is only looking at a piece of the whole, but every node in the “global climate” modeling network should have complete context information to never leave anyone without a map to know where they are in the global model space.
As it is now, every page that mentions “global climate change” or “climate models” is designed, maintained and managed independently.  No uniform practices, much much duplication.  No two pages using similar styles, navigation, components, much duplication.  Every person trying to work on this topic, and every new person (there are about 2 Billion first time learners in the world now) has to sort through this mess on the Internet.  Adding new pages that no one can find is not the answer.
“global climate change” – 20.4 Million entry points
“climate models” – 3.3 Million entry points
“climate models” “CMIP6” – 127,000 entry points
“climate models” “CMIP6” “source code” – 9,440 entry points
“CMIP6 models” – 61,400 entry points
site:gov “CMIP6 models” – 2,080 entry points
site:gov “CMIP6” “source code” – 1.390 entry points
Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation
Ref: Feb 2020, Implementation of U.K. Earth System Models for CMIP6 at
Ref: Current status on the need for improved accessibility to climate models code at
Ref: ModelE Climate Simulations at
Note: Using Github, Gitlab, and many different methods and languages. “CMIP6” – 2,470 entry points, no apparent coordination, no standards other than average GitHub “global climate” – 2,130 miscellaneous groups “Climate Model” “intercomparison” – Short names for projects, no coordinated overview.  No linkages to related projects.
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