Looking for forecast data grids and measurements for 100x100x100 volume over time

I would like to look at the data (numbers,not pictures) for vertical soundings from forecasts over a region. Essentially the 3D volume data for some area of the US. It can be as small as 100×100 grid points and 100 sounding levels. I doubt any of your products does that many vertical levels. And the sizes are a bit hard to guess. I think you are doing (12 km)^2 pixels. If you had a view of the data from the point of view of how difficult it is to use from a computer point of view, it would be easier. Most all the things easy to find are for human eyeballs, and almost never an associated download in human-computer readable form.

I saw many “sounding” graphs with nice red and green lines. But no one bothered to label them, nor to give the equivalent in data with units, dimensions, applicable and related algorithms.

I think your stuff is all on Copernicus now. But I was trying to see if anything useful was available here. Do you understand that when a person looks at pictures on a page, all that does is stimulate a few brain cells. But if the data (with its units and dimensions, symbolic equations, algorithms) is all in immediately usable form for sharing and comparing and merging and improvement), then groups can work side by side and improve things globally. When you put things that “everyone knows” online, that limits access to only a few. On the Internet, “a few” is “a few hundred thousand” or “a few ten million” because it is all on the Internet and that means at least 4.8 Billion possible users.

Is there any way to download 3d grids from forecasts for a small (100×100 grid area)? I read there are roughly a hundred variables per voxel, though no one seems to have written down in human-computer usable form all them and their inter-relationships, histories and variabilities. I can deal with a billion numbers fairly easily. I CANNOT use FTP, as it is no longer allowed in my part of the Internet. HTTPS is fine.

The Model guidances loop back on themselves. I cannot find the pixel/grid sizes. All the basic information is not visible, only visible are pictures of data, no data itself. Let alone where did the data come from, who did it, when, what specific data and tools did they use, who is working on what sections, what outstanding issues remain.

Thank you.

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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