Notes about PixInsight on Houston Astonomical Society Facebook closed group

I have not used PixInsight, but read what they are doing at
The commercial license is 230 Euros (about $275). They have free versions, but not sure what limitations, if any.
All their image processing workshops listed are from 2017. There are software tutorials by their “PTeam” members at
I do not know how many people in HAS or connected use, or are interested in PixInsight. You are hoping to learn some fascinating processing methods in a few days. Even following their examples (only talked about, not shown or automated) could be problematic.
I searched “houston astronomical society” “pixinsight” and found 526 entry points with a range of connections. Having never been to the dark site, perhaps PixInsight is a constantly mentioned thing.
This was taken at the HAS Dark Site:

They are using C++ and have added some wrappers. Here is the C++ Class Library for the really hard core. I show their modules, because that is what they are interested in and the tools they know.
Here is their GitLab Class Library –
They have a SpiderMonkey Javascript scripting language environment. That is a lot of things to learn with few working examples. I might be missing something.
Search “PixInsight” on google and get 525,000 entry points. It is often talked about, and several people have offered videos and guides to pieces of it.
“PixInsight” (“tutorial” OR “beginner” OR “getting started”) has 45,000 entry pages, so I am guessing it has a steep and long learning curve. But just guessing.
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