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Thanks, I will keep that in mind.
If you cast tiny angular (square, triangular, for example) blocks of plastic on ends of an optical fiber, then polish the whole thing, that would give a fiber that would alighn properly with a corresponding hole and fiber (or fibers).  It is something that human hands could assemble with care, or robots. And be tested during assembly.
The idea is to make computer parts joined by optical fibers.  Then things like DDR4 or CPUs or DMA or cores – which need to talk fast to other components can do so optically.  A fiber with that kind of connector can be aligned in real time.  Each node in the circuit is assembled live. It would be delicate inside the case, or in modules, but the case protects the whole.  Once soft glued (I am looking at the need to change things now and then, you glue it in, but can, with the right tools, disconnect and change it). They are stacking memories, stacking CPUs, stacking different kinds of layers.
I don’t have a complete mental image of the current interior of a DDR4 chip.  I did review all the technologies for NAND and multi-level memory cells, because that technology might make great electron based gravitational detectors.  I did find that analog memories from optical sensors (the electron and hole wells used to store charge in image sensors) would also make “many bit memory elements”.  A penta-level cell is 5 bits per cell. But with quality controls the optical sensor charge wells are able to maintain 12 to 16 bits per cell. So those two (memory and camera technologies) will probably merge.
More significantly, most of the human scale problems, when you have many processors, are at very low rates. So 24 and 32 bit floating gate memories that operated at Mega sps and Kilo sps could find many uses as memory. So the “audio” and “optical” sensors and industries are probably going to merge.
The biggest change in all of society will be when everyone realizes with global communication they can work in any combinations.  I made a video about that.  If you run schools at a global level, then tiny groups of excellence and exploration and specialization can grow to sustainable size by joining and connecting people at many different places into common groups where they can work together on a common tasks and efforts.
California Students Working Together Regardless of School and Class and Age and Gender and Ethnicity
Your company is only working in small isolated groups.  You guard tiny pieces and don’t share.  In the world, groups at many different universities each scramble after many topics – and none of them wins.  And all of society loses because those efforts never reach global sustainable level.
I have only been at this for a few decades, so my knowledge and experience are limited. But my gut feel and my mental images all show me global groups reaching critical point about 10,000 individuals.  It is a global social process that has more in line with swarm style DNA evolutionary processes, then narrowly trained MBA style management.  But I see the same social and economic and financial experiments going on in every country, every subject, every topic, around every thing in the universe – at once.  It is really beautiful to see.
So your “small powerful” boxes with conductor-based processors could evolve into optically connected conductor-based nodes and then all optical nodes in the near future. Apple computer almost got it right. They gave a whole generation of people almost free access to their processors in schools. They survive.  Adobe cynically put free software on the Internet for sharing their proprietary format for almost all things related to print sharing. But both fail because they became greedy and try to turn it into profits. But that is NOT the way the global human species values things.  Why do most for-profit efforts reach limited size? Because the model of the universe that can be represented in the current accounting systems is too limited in its ability to represent the true richness of the universe.
I am not even sure what country you are in, or if your company and its connections are in any region. But your (all the people and groups involved) goals in life and for the human species – if they are not aligned to what the whole world is evolving into – will either cause problems, be simply ignored, or fit nicely into temporary things that eventually die or are abandoned. Likely it will grow to be part of this new future.
I think about this constantly.  I follow many thousands of topics on the Internet.  More particularly, I follow the many cross-cutting global communities that are connecting globally in what seems to be the natural process of people and projects finding common purposes and methods on the emerging Internet.
My daughter is visiting a small country with only a few million people.  I told her they need not feel isolated geographically when they are globally connected, or could be. Yesterday I went through a couple of small states in the United States with only a few million people each.  They need no longer rely on physical riches of the earth there, but can be a good place for people to live – where they work on global projects.
I spend quite a bit of time on “solar system colonization”, “atomic fuels”, and “global climate change”.  Groups and individuals will form naturally to tackle these things.  But it is possible to map the whole of topics like this, find the pieces and the ever so carefully and gently reflect back to them what they look like.  Then they can see themselves. But rather than a mirror that only show the person looking into it, I am trying to show 3D video and sound maps and images of things that many people work on together.  i did not realize for a long time the purpose of “Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games”. But that is a human species experiment to learn how to coordinate and utilize the skills of millions of humans working together on a single virtual world.  The topics of “games” are of a seriousness and quality they have integrated into the global consciousness and processing of information about reality – for use by the whole human species.
If I say the human species is reaching a global awareness where it is not limited in physical location of the nodes, and that many of those nodes are now conductor (and could be optical or acoustic) processor nodes withe massive memory – I think you understand.  But what do we do next?
Me, I finally can begin seriously to merge all the projects on Github.com and integrate information from the whole Internet. I need Zettabytes of memory, much larger bandwidth and hundreds of thousands of people helping. But I can change a few things. I promised to profile NASA.gov and NOAA.gov. But I want to also do WHO.int and UN.Org and Amazon.com, Twitter.com, YouTube.com and a few others.  I have been doing that for many years now, but with limited tools.  Now I know the core things needed and can concentrate much better.  I want to rewrite Wikipedia.  I have made sketches many times since it was born.  It is horribly inefficient.   It should be a global guide node, not a dumping place.  Your little box can handle enough information fast enough to make a good try at mapping those sites into more useful forms.
Your little box is capable of solving “rewrite GitHub” or “rewrite Wikipedia”.  Or at least being the nodes in a global network to accomplish those.
Did you know that it is possible to have faster than light communication?  Faster than light travel?  The equations that govern the universe are all written on the Internet. There are groups with tools for working with and simulating many facets of not just the tiny part called “Einstein’s equations” but the whole of all the people working on gravitational and electromagnetic technologies.  So many technologies have been striving for decades toward “nano” and “pico” and “femto”, they are many of them converging and merging and changing.  I found that the gravitational and electromagnetic fields are just different aspect of the same thing.  More, the technologies and industries are merging and evolving into a whole new industry that is going to change all human and related life.
I posted these thoughts on my site at /?p=1930 just now. If you see anything that you do not like, tell me and I can make adjustments.  I do not identify you or your company.  And all the ideas are things that whole countries, the whole world should be doing. I find it hard to say these kinds of things to strangers.  So thank you for letting me say them to you, and share them with others.
Reading over this, the “little box” might well be in a home or office building, in a school or organization or factory or exploration unit. But its ability to work globally and keep to global purposes is what makes it different. The purpose of the Internet is to assure and enrich the future of the human species and the species around it.  Everything else pales beside that.
Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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