Solar System Colonization – Comment on How to Terraform Venus video

(“terraform” OR “terraforming”) (“venus”) gives 14.3 Million entry points. There is certainly plenty of interest and people talking. The groups and individuals are just not working together effectively.

(“planetary engineer” OR “planetary engineering”) has 34,600 entry points. Topic development on the Internet is generally mostly random and undirected.

(“planetary” OR “planets”) (“engineering” OR “engineer” OR “engineers” OR “science” OR “scientists”) has 184 Million entry points

There is nothing wrong with “working out details” or “estimating costs” (“modeling” “simulation”) for any idea. But if you are willing to propose a thousand year project for a significant portion of the human species, then did you spent 10% that time and effort “working out the details”? Did you at least do a survey of a few hundred thousand of the terraforming Venus entries to give everyone a summary of what people have already worked out? Did you find all the groups working on Venus already and help them work together? You could start with “venus” (“planet” OR “planets”) and its 80.1 Million entry points.

“solar system” (“colonies” OR “colonization” OR “exploration” OR “development”) has 45.8 Million entry points. The early serious efforts – some will be rewarded. To colonize the solar system will require increasing the value of the human economy a million-fold. I am waiting for the first crops of “trillion dollar” OR “trillionaire” OR “trillionaires” OR (“trillion” “industry” OR “industry” OR “corporation”) just starting out at 19.1 Million entry points.

The Internet gives new meaning to “bubbling up”. This video shows (just now) 26,016 comments. But I am only able to see a hundred or so before YouTube fails to display more. Try to view the millions of entry points for any topic on Google, and it stops after a few pages of results. It takes effort, organization and purpose to get people to terraform a planet. Are you willing to put in a few decades of your own life to see it happen? And your 5th generation descendants to be beneficiaries?

Try it. Spend a tiny effort, a 1000 hard hours to find and document this one topic of “terraforming Venus”. Locate all the people and what has been done, Help them focus their efforts. For the effort you put into the animation (is that your only tool?) you could have made a website and let people join, and found resources, and asked for funding.

Read carefully what I wrote. I am not discouraging or encouraging. It is not hard now for millions or billions of people to discuss topics. But if it stops there, all that effort is wasted. (“covid” OR “coronavirus” OR “corona virus”) has 7.5 Billion entry points and has been floating there for more than a year. Has Google even tried to organize that information for the human species? All those “super computer” and “big data” and “AI” groups don’t even expend the effort to index and map that topic completely.

My favorite phrase to say is “It is not hard, just tedious”. Anything is possible to “work out the details”. It just takes effort proportional to the cost and the potential rewards, or value to the human species.  If you terraform it, do you own it? If you improve it, do you own part of it? If you design it, do you get part of the rewards?

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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