Comment on How much weight can you remove from your car?

I would like to see the bare minimum weight by taking everything. That weight in every car is costing fuel and global warming.

Think how many cars are for one person. Need more people? — uber it or share. I drove for years with no one else in the car, carrying all that extra weight. Cost money, sluggish car, hurts the environment.

I will look for someone who takes an old car and strips everything but enough to protect the driver from the elements. Maybe there is a contest or prize for the most fuel and weight efficient. How much of the weight of the wheel is necessary? If you reduce the weight of the car, do you need such a large engine? What are the true “necessary” parts of a vehicle to move people around?

Going way out there. Wheels needed? No wheels, no axles or drive shaft, no suspension, no brakes. Flying cars make sense if you are not loading a car things that really don’t matter at all. Just need lighter and lighter fuel to electric methods.

Surely someone has done this?? Strip down to the barest essentials? Can you get to 2000 lbs? 1500? Half the mass, half the power needed? Less motor, less weight, means less motor needed. Can drone methods improve cars? Can existing cars be stripped down and refitted – better mileage, better acceleration and stopping, less global warming? Have you seen the droughts and 110 degrees temperatures in Washington, Oregon even Canada? Don’t expect global warming to be soft and gentle. Imagine if every car HAS to be stripped down. Do you need trunks? What can be replaced with lighter stuff? Do you need metal at all?

If you add a “donate” or “support” button, and want to try that sort of thing, I bet a lot of people would like to see what happens. I would. There is a guy in Russia who was experimenting with simplifying cars. Should be International. I think people are dying from famine now from the global warming droughts. Check it yourself.

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