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Jaber Hassoun @Jaber_Hassoun “Hey computer, go discover all of physics”~@sama no such thing as “all of physics”:
any science (or domain of knowledge for that matter) is created by conjecture & refutation
all observation is theory laden, knowledge is created fallibly & thus grows forever…

I have considered problems of this scale most every day for the last 26 years. You simply cannot ignore any efforts that make these kinds of attempts. Even when they fail, you can learn and improve, and focus what good comes from trying.

It is not hard, just tedious. You start by finding, gathering, verifying, codifying, indexing your source information, including all sensor data. You do not have to implement all future possible sensors now, you simply include those in your planning. Many things do not have to be modeled in detail. You simply model the human (and AI) groups close enough you do not miss anything serious. It is not hard but it is not cheap either. Starting anything difficult is where most people and groups fail. If you want to do something large and do not plan to provide the needed resources, you will fail.

For the Internet Foundation all human languages, and all domain specific languages (physics is a domain specific language) are included by design. I admit it took me most of the last 56 years and all of the last 26 years. But it is not impossible. I do know of classes of problems that cannot be done, ever. But “all of current stuff related to physics is not that large. It seems so to a new person, or to anyone who does not have a global network of exascale computers and can tap the whole internet and deep data. But I expect there are at least five “full physics” projects now, and they are NOT respecting copyright. You think human hackers were bad.
If you ignore hard problems, you are not challenging yourself at all.

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