Vedas, sacred sounds, fields of force, power transmission, lossless transmission

I was talking to Microsoft Bing Copilot about the vedas, philosophy, morality and sacred sounds.

It is dharma that I am seeking for the whole world, all humans and related species. A common moral outlook and view of the universe that values human life and human lives.

The oral traditions of vedic knowledge, including the sacred sound transmission across generations, matches the level of detail I use when I work with gravitational fields that can move Spacex Starship sized objects. I can understand the level of care and skill required. And can write the mathematics and controls and sensor algorithms. In India, I cannot understand why the whole country fights itself. There are good mathematicians, but they fight like rats in a box, rather than harmonizing..

The common sounds of all languages I am considering for my “all human languages” project, the sounds that are used are the ones that also fit the ways that some form “sacred sounds” or “divine sounds”.

In Dune they used “the voice” to kill people.  It can also move and modify things, down to chemical (molecular), atomic (electron) and nuclear (gluon plasma) sizes and energy densities.

The star wars”force” can be created with electromagnetic fields, gravitational potential fields, acoustic fields and plasma.  Since the laws of physics are not violated, then physics and these phenomena and goals are likely  compatible.

Star Trek has their tractor beams, transporters, scanners, bio-filters and medical tricorders.

It does not take a lot of words to stay on track.  It can be done with inner awareness, experience and a lifetime of “pounding sand”,  Even intuition follows clear rules that allow simplification and optimization for large projects.

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