Are there any companies using the Internet that do 100% job?

I just spent another hour on the phone with Xfinity Mobile because they did not cancel the cell phone order as they promised. Rather they sent me a bill for the monthly service and texted me “Hello new subscriber, let’s activate your new phone!”
I asked if they have senior support line and they had no clue.
They would not send me an email to confirm the order was cancelled. Or give me an employee number to continue if it was not actually done. I doubt they recorded it, and the customer has no option to request it be recorded and reviewed. Is this what major corporation “service” has come to these days? #XfinitySupport
The Internet says that Xfinity has 186,000 employees
How much time is wasted for Xfinity and customers and Xfinity partners and service providers because Xfinity has too stove pipe information systems and departments? I doubt adding LLM based AIs will help because OpenAI and others have zero understanding of customer communication, listening, and continuous improvement. They are overly funded young people only trying to satisfy the wants of their owners, not the needs of customers or the real needs of global human society.
All the people are nice, they just do not have the tools and information they need. And there is NO way to follow requests or suggestions for changes and improvements. No “total quality” or “continuous improvement” evident at all.
Do you know of any Internet provider that always does 100% job? Any AI provider that always does a 100%job? Any phone provider that always does a 100%job? Those all seem to do an 70% job.
I am asking for the Internet Foundation. For the 5.1 Billion humans using the Internet in some form, and another 3 Billion who are just out there somewhere. Permanently falling through the cracks?  I would like to know.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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